3D models and scans

3D modeling

3D modeling of objects:

We offer creating of 3D CAD models from engineering drawings or based on real physical models.

If you are interested, we are also able to develop computer models in order to perform thermal, mechanical or magnetic 3D FEM analysis.

3D rotation

3D scanning of objects:

Using unique 3D scanning technology we are able to make photo realistic 3D models of real objects. You can use the models for online presentation of your products on the Internet or in your e-shop. The customer can freely rotate and zoom the product. Try it yourself in our demo.

  • Scanning of objects up to size of 30x30x30 cm
  • Scanning with or without color textures
  • 3D presentation of products directly on the web
  • Click and rotate

Note: The current state of technology doesn't allow to scan transparent/glossy materials or too rugged surfaces.
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