Industrial applications

SCADA visualization systems for industrial applications

Designing of SCADA visualization systems

With the aid of visualization systems you can monitor and manage the status of the processes directly in your computer. Online solutions for industrial visualization include the following areas:

  • visualization and design of control systems for industrial applications
  • design of control algorithms and PLC ladder schemes
  • graphics in vector format .svg
  • connection to the central database system
  • SCADA systems accessible via the Internet

Programming of scientific and numerical calculations

When we are developing solutions for complex systems we always use the latest algorithmization techniques, including methods of artificial intelligence. Mathematical solutions are developed in faster programming language (C, C++) for possible real-time application.

In the field of hi-tech systems we offer the following programming services:

  • algorithmization of complex systems
  • decomposition into subsystems
  • programming of optimal numerical procedures
  • image recognition systems (integral transformations, ...)
  • implementation of methods of artificial intelligence (neural networks, genetic algorithms, ...)
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