CMS and site management

Content management systems for websites and web portals:

1. Browse the site
2. Log in to administration system
3. Make the desired changes

Custom content management system allows you to easily manage the content of your website. You can for example add new articles, pictures, videos, administrate a discussion forum, upload news, send mass messages to registered users, etc.

In our solutions we usually use the following established Open Source management systems which can be immediately deployed:

If necessary, we can modify the editorial system to meet exactly your requirements. To the typical modifications belong - changing the layout of categories and subcategories, customizing of photo galleries, special management of references, etc.

Management system MegaTech Admin System:

For the most complex applications it is recommended to build their own administration backend. Megatech System Admin is an intelligent adjustable system capable of managing even the most difficult portals. Its characteristic feature is that it visually resembles the website itself. Thanks to this you can feel like you do all the management work directly in the site.

Administration of web sites:

Long term cooperation guaranteed

If you like, we can take care of the whole administration of your website. In this case, you have absolutely no worries about the maintenance - all you need to do is to send us the updates and we will take care of the rest in few hours. In combination with long-term cooperation you can be sure that your website is always up to date.

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